A northwest Iowa man is a little lighter in the wallet after being found guilty of assault with a hamburger bun. Seriously?! Yep.

Earlier this week, 24-year-old Austin Meadows of Sheldon was found guilty of third-degree harassment and assault. Both charges are simple misdemeanors.

According to NwestIowa.com, an unnamed victim was mowing his lawn in rural Sibley, Iowa August 28, 2017, when Meadows drove by. Meadows hollered an "offensive name" at the victim and threw a hamburger bun at him, hitting the victim in the chest. Meadows' fine was $152.75.

I have to assume there were no sesame seeds on that bun... those things could take an eye out. The person mowing the lawn either had to be right along the curb or this Meadows fellow should consider a tryout with the Mason City Bats baseball team.

Luckily for the victim, the burger itself had already been eaten OR Meadows hadn't been to Wendy's.

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