With COVID-19 on everyone's mind, and cases in Iowa surging, the state is seeing the most flu-related illnesses in the country, by a lot. KCRG reports Iowa's ILI level is the highest of any U.S. states. ILI stands for level of Influenza-Like Illness, and The Centers for Disease Control rated Iowa at the 'Very High'. To put it in perspective, the next highest states are sitting at a 'low' ILI level. This is very likely COVID-19 related Iowa’s ILI rate is much higher than previous years when the percentage was right around 1% this time of year. Currently it's at 1.5% in Iowa.

Tonight at 6pm, Governor Kim Reynolds will address the state during a live press conference that will focus on the states surging COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. Iowa continues to have the fewest restrictions of any U.S. state with no state-wide mask mandate and among the fewest restrictions on bars and restaurants. You can see all of the restrictions in all 50 states here. Many states are expected to add additional restrictions. On Friday, the governors of New Mexico, Vermont, Virginia, Oregon and West Virginia announced coronavirus restrictions while Utah and North Dakota added face mask mandates. It's possible the governor will impose the latter this evening.

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