Multiple law enforcement agencies across the state of Iowa are warning residents about a new scam that can seem very realistic. A second scam has resurfaced in the Cedar Rapids area.

The Iowa City Police Department, along with law enforcement in Council Bluffs, Carroll, and Sioux City are all sounding the alarm about this scam, which is also getting attention from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

The scam, which appeared to first surface early this week, involves "spoof" technology. The Iowa City Police Department says the scammer contacts "victims using an app making it appear on the victim's phone that the call is from an official entity. The perpetrator--using the names of actual law enforcement officers--then demands payment for outstanding debts. In most cases, the scammer arranges to meet the victim to receive cash or arranges for the victim to send money electronically." Law enforcement will never call you directly, demanding money.

In the Council Bluffs area, police say multiple people in the medical profession have been targeted by this scam.

If you receive a call like the one above, hang up immediately. If you receive that type of call, please contact the Iowa DCI at (712) 322-1585.

Grandparent Scam Resurfaces in Cedar Rapids

The Cedar Rapids Police Department reports that a number of people have been the victims of what they call the 'grandparent scam' this week.

Scammers contact grandparents, claiming to be members of law enforcement. They then demand money to release their grandchildren, who are purported to be facing legal trouble in other cities. The scam caller asks for everything from wire transfers to cash, crypto currency, or even gift card numbers.

Cedar Rapids Police say the callers are very convincing and one victim this week was defrauded over more than $10,000.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department says if you receive a call of that nature, hang up and call a loved one to check on your grandchildren. If you believe you or a family member have become a victim of the scam, call the C.R.P.D. at 319-286-5491.

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