Real football fans know that recruiting class rankings only mean so much. It's player development that really tells the tale of a great football program. Iowa is known for taking 2 star players and getting them drafted by the NFL. But it always helps to have a few four star guys to start with too. Yesterday, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz talked about the latest recruiting class for Iowa Football.

On National Signing Day, Iowa announced a final list of 19 recruits, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. It includes seven four star players, and is ranked 23rd in the nation by 247 Sports and 24th nationally by Rivals. It is the second best recruiting class ever for Ferentz, topped only by his 2005 class which boasted eight four star recruits.

But Ferentz still pointed out that player development is key, saying "Good players come from all places...whether you're talking about pro football, not everybody comes from Power Five institutions." That point was recently illustrated during the NFL's Conference Championship weekend when Iowa was the college program that had the most players still playing in the playoffs. Not Alabama. Not Notre Dame. Iowa.

The Gazette reports that the high ranking class is also impressive due to how it was recruited. Due to the ongoing pandemic there were no normal campus visits. It was a lot of Zoom and Facetime calls. Ferentz said that in a strange way, he feels like he knows these players better than he would during a normal year.

The Gazette reports that the Iowa spring football schedule is still unknown. The hope is to start sometime around March 31st.

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