When you think about the most successful social media influencers around, you probably don't imagine one of them hailing from Iowa. Life on the farm isn't something many people dream about pursuing. But maybe if they followed Kaleb Wyse, they would. Wyse is showing his thousands of subscribers just how great life in rural Iowa can be!

So did Wyse know right away that people wanted to follow someone living on a farm in Iowa? Not exactly. Axios reports that Wyse actually graduated from college and worked full-time as an accountant. But, he didn't enjoy the 30 to 40-minute commute, and he didn't like the work. He told Axios that one day back in 2012 he began to blog about his life growing up on a farm near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. That is when things took off!

Wyse told Axios that the pandemic also created a situation where more homebound people connected with his material. And while he doesn't plant and harvest as his relatives did in the past, Wyse is showing off the other side of rural living. He posts recipes, decorating ideas, and scenery that residents of Iowa know and love.

Wyse currently has over 119,000 followers on his Instagram page and 114,000 more over at his YouTube channel. As someone who also grew up in rural Iowa, I really love what Wyse is doing. We really do live in a wonderful part of this country, and have many things to be thankful for. Give Kaleb Wyse a follow today and help spread the word about our great state!

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