We've seen our share of severe weather in Iowa in the last couple of years. There was the derecho in 2020 and then a serial derecho in December of last year. One woman lost a treasured possession from a tornado that blew through the area last December. Luckily, a high schooler with a big heart and an incredible talent stepped up to help.

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According to KCCI, Danielle Lenz's home was seriously damaged by a tornado in December, and a special photo was lost in the storm. It was a photo of her brother Joseph Richardson, a fallen sailor who died in 2009. KCCI put out a call for people to help find the treasured picture, that's where one Iowa high schooler decided to help.

Jefferson high school senior and talented artist, Jayden Carstensen, saw Lenz's story and wanted to help.

I just saw it on the news, and I was sad, so I figured, I couldn't find it, but I could draw a replacement, so that's what I could do," Carstensen told KCCI.

Carstensen recreated the photo using colored pencils and charcoal. When the piece was complete, his mother reached out to the news station to get in contact with Lenz. Despite living 45 minutes from each other, last week Carstensen and Lenz got to meet! Lenz gasped when she saw the beautiful artwork. She told KCCI that she's grateful the idea popped into Carstensen's head.

It's heartwarming to see such kindness. Even though the original can't be replaced, this work of art will be a beautiful reminder that will hols a special place in Lenz's heart.

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This storm hit Iowa one year ago today. August 10th 2020

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