Being one of the best small towns in the Midwest seems like a whole lot to live up to, right?

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Every single year USA Today puts together countless top ten lists of some of the best of the best in America. There are lists that cover almost anything you can think of!

From the best buffet restaurants to the best outdoor waterparks...

An Eastern Iowa favorite is nominated in the top ten list for the latter. You can read more about that here!

Some of these lists get incredibly specific, just like this one category that Iowa rose to the top of! This year, the publisher put together a list of the "Top Ten Best Small Towns in the Midwest" and a familiar Iowa location soared near to the top.

We know it, we love it, and people from out of state quote the movie that made it famous to us whenever we say that we're from Iowa...


The city has just over 4,000 residents and has been a hotspot for getting the Hawkeye State national attention over the past few years. In the late '80s, filmmakers came to Iowa to shoot a now beloved baseball movie 'The Field of Dreams.'

They built it...and the people came...

These Hollywood execs created the iconic field from the movies on a farm in Dyersville and it has become a must visit for any tourist traveling through.

There have been two MLB games hosted in a nearby baseball stadium to celebrate this movie and there are plans for another one to be hosted here in the next few years.

Here is the full list of the "Top Ten Best Small Towns In the Midwest;"

10. Ste. Geneviéve, Missouri

9. Mackinac Island, Michigan

8. Mineral Point, Wisconsin

7. Logan, Ohio

6. Savanna, Illinois

5. Bayfield, Wisconsin

4. Traverse City, Michigan

3. Sandusky, Ohio

2. Dyersville, Iowa

1. Vevay, Indiana

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