While there's excitement around the start of Girl Scout Cookie season, there's a bit of sadness around an old Girl Scout cabin that could be demolished.

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According to Creston News, an old Girl Scout cabin at McKinley Park in Creston, Iowa is set to be removed this spring if residents can't restore it. The report states the cabin was built back in 1925 by the Rotary Club. That means it's 97 years old--wow! The cabin itself may be almost 100-years-old, but the materials are even older. The poles used to build the structure were from downtown Creston and are closer to 125 years old.

Creston Parks and Recreation Board voted to remove the cabin on December 7, as the cabin has not been used in five years and it's a liability to fix. The report states that the structure apparently needs "a new roof, concrete, flooring, doors and windows due to the extensive deterioration." Two years ago they got a quote for repairs that totaled $50,000. Ouch.

The board had plans to replace the cabin with a shelter house from "donations from an individual in memory of his wife." Still, others are trying to save the cabin by collecting donations and asking for volunteers. A Facebook Page was created called "Save the Girl Scout Cabin at McKinley Park" where updates are shared. If the cabin can't be saved, the money from donations will go to build a new cabin for the Girl Scouts.

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