By all accounts, the Iowa Hawkeyes got a great running back added to their roster on the 4th of July. It's fitting because former Nevada football star James Butler could create some additional fireworks from the Iowa backfield this fall.

According to the Gazette, Butler was recruited by Iowa during his high school years. He averaged more than five yards per carry last year, and caught 37 passes. During his three-year Nevada career, he rushed for more than 3,300 yards. Why three years, and why Iowa now? A 4th of July tweet from Butler explains:

Iowa's got a back who can find the hole and he's also very hard to bring down:

ESPN says Butler is 5-feet nine inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. That's a wonderful complement for the 5'11" Akrum Wadley who weighs 191 pounds. That is IF Butler plays this year... he could redshirt so he doesn't have to share the stage with Wadley. Stay tuned...

Akrum Wadley
Elsa, Getty Images

[via Gazette, ESPN, and ESPN]

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