On this Labor Day weekend comes a mind-blowing report. Out of all 50 states, Iowa ranks in the bottom 10 of those whom treat their workers the best, according to a new study published on OXFAM America.

Iowa ranks 10th Worst in the 50 States. Yup, right down there with Louisiana and just a little better than Mississippi and Alabama. Yikes.

Iowa's minimum wage is lame at $7.25. And localities in Iowa don't have the option to raise the local minimum wage if they choose. By comparison, Minnesota's minimum wage is $9.86 per hour.

Other failures in Iowa affect women in the workplace, because Iowa does not require employers to provide accommodations for pregnant workers, and does not offer protections for workplace breastfeeding.

When it comes to workers rights to organize, Iowa makes it tough because of the "Right to Work" law, which suppresses unions.

Iowa also does not fully legalize project labor agreements to ensure a fair wage to workers on contract.

While Iowa ranks #40 overall; it comes in #39 for wage policies, #35 for worker protection policies, and #31 for rights to organize. Low scores that show our politicians and employers could do a better job for us. Here's how other states compare.

Something to think about this Labor Day weekend.

[source: OXFAM America]

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