We've all experienced true friendship. There are just some people that we meet and immediately bond with. This bond happens in the canine world too, and these two Iowa pups are a prime example.

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Roxy and Cooper are rescue dogs that found each other at Safe Haven of Iowa County. Roxy is a two-and-a-half-year-old pitbull/border collie mix. She loves being with people, playing, and going for walks. Plus, she's housetrained. She was taken in by the shelter when her previous owner could no longer care for her due to medical issues. Also, Roxy isn't a fan of cats, but she is a big fan of Cooper. Cooper is a 10-month-old staffie/heeler mix that has a ton of energy. Two energetic pups make for a match made in heaven. I mean look at these two!?

Roxy and Cooper love to play together and have become the best of friends during their time together at Safe Haven. They play together all day long and it's truly a beautiful bond. Roxy and Cooper may not have come into the shelter together as a "bonded-buddy" duo, but they would certainly hope to leave as one.

Although it's not required that they be adopted together, it would be a dream come true for these two. If you're looking to add a dog (or two) to your family, be the forever home these buddies deserve. You can find out more about the pups and how you can make them a part of your home here.

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