Friday nights have always been reserved for high school football in the state of Iowa. A new bill in the statehouse would keep it that way.

The Big Ten has announced Friday night games will be part of the conference's annual schedule, beginning this fall. There are six of those games on the 2017 schedule, none of which feature the Iowa Hawkeyes. A state legislator wants to assure future years don't include Friday night Iowa games.

Peter Cownie, a state representative from Des Moines, has introduced a bill with this title, according to SB Nation: An Act prohibiting regents institutions from scheduling intercollegiate football games on Fridays.

The bill states that it would "prohibit the institutions of higher education under [state] control from scheduling any intercollegiate football game on a Friday."

The hope is to protect Iowa high schools, who have Friday nights to themselves when it comes to the gridiron.

I, for one, hope this bill passes. I love Hawkeye football, but let's keep those games on Saturday... except for the annual Black Friday game against Nebraska when the Iowa high school season is over. Let's leave Friday nights for high schools... the schools need the revenue and I love the tradition of those games on Friday nights all over the state that have the "field" all to themselves.

[via SB Nation]



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