It seems like the summer of 2020 keeps taking hit after hit. No pools. Ouch. No big concerts or fairs. Double ouch. Fairs and festivals provide so much great entertainment and fun but we're going to miss out on something else. The FOOD. No walking around with a footlong corndog in one hand and a gyro in the other. But one concession stand company in Eastern Iowa is bringing the fair food to you!

Americana Concessions is bringing their food and concession stands to cities across Eastern Iowa. We had the pleasure of chatting with owner Renee Taylor about bringing fair food to the masses! Renee told us that since so many events are having to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic she and her son Preston decided to travel to towns and cities across Eastern Iowa. Taylor said that they'll set up in a different small town each week and stay there from Wednesday through Friday. They are open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. each of those three days. You can find a schedule of when and where they'll be next on the Taylor Concessions Facebook page.

Renee Taylor, Taylor Concessions
Renee Taylor, Taylor Concessions

What kind of treats can you expect? Renee said that they're known for their funnel cakes, tenderloins, smoothies, deep-fried twinkies, foot-long corn dogs, and more fair food favorites! And people are traveling from near and far! Renee said that this past week she had customers from as far away as Waterloo and Norway.

Yes, this summer will be a little different. But at least you can still enjoy some of your favorite tastes of summer thanks to Americana Concessions! Check them out in a city near you soon! We'll see you in line!


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