Many new laws went into effect this month, one of which allows Iowa college students to carry stun guns on campus.

According to KWWL, the new law states that "officials at public universities and community colleges can no longer limit or ban the use of stun guns on campus grounds." Furthermore, it requires that institutions like the University of Iowa change their policies that previously banned stun guns, and states that they "cannot limit the carrying, transporting, or possessing of the devices on college buildings or campus grounds", according to the Des Moines Register.

Even though students are allowed to use stun guns for protection on campus, they are not allowed to bring them inside campus sports stadiums or hospitals. Also, anyone with any previous felony convictions will not be allowed to carry the devices.

Stun guns are considered dangerous weapons here in the state of Iowa, although in many cases these weapons are used for self-defense. The Des Moines Register reports that the "law's sponsor, Rep. Matt Windschitl said the law will help prevent sexual violence on campus and keep students safe." Hopefully, the ability for students to carry these protective devices, will make them feel a little more safe when walking around campus.

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