Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague has put a face mask order into effect in the city. The order, issued today, states that "a face covering that covers the nose and mouth must be worn in all public spaces" in the city of Iowa City.

The order, sent to media by the City of Iowa City, says those public spaces include but are not limited to:

  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Hardware stores
  • Retail stores
  • Outside, if keeping six feet away from others is not possible
  • Public transportation or private car service (including taxis, rideshare, or carpooling)

The release also orders that no public business in Iowa City can provide a service to a customer or allow them entrance without said customer wearing a face covering. Businesses must also post signage. The signs should indicate to customers that they have a "legal obligation to wear (a) face covering" before entering.

People are also required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing is impossible.

The city says these are examples of when face coverings are not needed:

  • When alone or in the presence of just members of your household.
  • Traveling alone or with members of your household in a personal vehicle.
  • When biking or jogging.
  • While in the process of eating or drinking at a restaurant.
  • While visiting the dentist or doctor or receiving other services that require you to remove face coverings temporarily.
  • When face coverings are prohibited by state or federal law.

The mask order does not apply to:

  • Those two-years-old or younger.
  • People who have trouble breathing, or are on oxygen or a ventilator.
  • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance.
  • Anyone told by a medical, legal, or behavioral health professional not to wear a face-covering.
  • Anyone actively engaged in a public safety role, including but not limited to law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency response personnel.

Anyone seen violating the order can be ticketed with a simple misdemeanor by law enforcement. The mask mandate order is scheduled to run through September 15, 2020. You can view the entire order HERE.

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