By now you no doubt know that I love the Thanksgiving holiday. It truly is one of my favorite times of year. A time to gather with family and friends, eat amazing food, have a few adult beverages, watch a couple of football games, and then enjoy a turkey induced nap on the couch. What's not to love? Sure, 2020 is making sure Thanksgiving isn't quite the same, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy this time of year. Take the Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa.

The church claims that they have the world's largest cornucopia! This display is absolutely huge! It even features a live turkey. Live for now, I suppose. KCRG reports that the display was part of their 'Horn of Plenty Sunday'. You can check out pictures and videos from Sunday's service on the church's Facebook page.

Senior pastor Joseph Brown told KCRG that 2020 has been filled with uncertainty and negativity. He added that the church was excited to do something that is a "great testimony to gratitude."  It took volunteers days to put together the cornucopia. It is made out of metal rings and wood and is about 20 feet long. It features 17 different kinds of fruit and weighs around 1500 pounds!

Church leaders tell KCRG that they searched for the largest cornucopia and they believe that theirs is the biggest. They plan on submitting their creation for recognition as a world record.

You can view the cornucopia at Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington through November 25th.

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