A chase in an Iowa city last week included the vehicle involved crashing into an SUV in traffic.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon, March 30, in Fort Dodge in Webster County.

It all started just before 4:15 p.m. when a 911 caller reported an alleged assault and that the person reportedly had some type of gun. The caller also said the man was behind the wheel of a black Toyota Tacoma pickup and was in Pleasant Valley.

Shortly after the 911 call, a deputy with the Webster County Sheriff's Office spotted a vehicle that matched the description provided by the 911 caller. The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver took off.

WHO-TV reports the chase that began in Fort Dodge also went through rural portions of both Webster and Humboldt County, and Humboldt itself.

Below is a small portion of the chase, in Fort Dodge. As you can see, a black pickup collides with the back of an SUV. According to WHO, the truck had already encountered stop sticks prior to the collision and had a flat right-front tire. It appears the tread of that tire comes flying off after striking the SUV.

The Messenger says the chase lasted for 50 minutes before ending in Fort Dodge. WHO reports that Fort Dodge police used a tactical vehicle intervention to force the pickup to the curb in an intersection, thereby ending the chase.

The man driving the truck has been identified as 19-year-old Chipper Cisco of Fort Dodge. He was arrested and charged with multiple traffic offenses and two felony charges for first-degree theft and eluding.

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