Iowa companies will soon begin bidding to become medical marijuana dispensaries.

MedPharm Iowa was chosen by the state as the company that will be allowed to distribute several medical cannabis products in Iowa beginning in December.

State Department of Public Health officials are hoping to approve distribution centers in strategic locations around the state to make sure that dispensaries are within reasonable driving distances for all who may need them, according to the Gazette.

Applicants responding to the state’s request for proposals have until March 8 to respond.

The Gazette also reported that Iowa health officials aim to post its notice of intent to award licenses for up to five medical cannabis dispensaries by March 30. Officials would also seek to announce a second manufacturing facility later this spring.

Medical marijuana is not just being touted as beneficial for humans. Now CBD products are being touted as new options to traditional pain medications for dogs.

According to Simple Wag, "CBD is not a psychoactive stimulus." Therefore it does not provide a "high” like recreational marijuana. Instead, it provides the calming, pain-relieving sensations of the cannabis plant without the potential intoxicating effects of natural THC-heavy cannabis.

This is why many dog owners are now looking into CBD dog treats as alternative treatments to help pets deal with a variety of ailments including anxiety, joint inflammation, and arthritis.

You can find out more about the growing interest in CBD for Pets here.

We'll keep you posted on the state's decision on which locations are chosen and where the five dispensaries will be located.

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