When it comes to pizza in Iowa, there are a ton of delicious options. But, despite all of the places to choose from there's one that has stood out among the rest recently.

Food & Wine published an article listing America's favorite food joints based on a new survey. The "consumer experience experts at Market Force Information unveiled the findings of their annual quick-service restaurant study" and the most beloved pizza was (drumroll)....Pizza Ranch!

If you didn't know, Pizza Ranch is an Iowa-based restaurant with 200 locations across 13 states according to the report. According to the Pizza Ranch website, Adrie Groeneweg from Hull, Iowa founded the restaurant in 1981 when he was just 19 years old. Groeneweg was tired of having to go out of town to get pizza, so with just "six specialty and single topping pizza recipes developed by Adrie’s mother, Lorraine, Pizza Ranch was born."

What's also impressive is that this place that started out in a little Iowa town beat out major pizza joints such as Papa Murphy's, Domino's and more! Way to go Pizza Ranch!

Market Force Information
Market Force Information

Hungry yet? There are plenty of locations here in eastern Iowa including Cedar Rapids, Marion, and North Liberty. Enjoy! :)

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