Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta says the goal this fall is to have Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City full of Hawkeye fans. But Barta concedes that the risks associated with that plan change nearly every time he meets with Big Ten officials.

No one knows if the COVID-19 pandemic will allow Iowa or any other college football team to play to a packed house this season. The Gazette reports that Barta didn't want to make empty promises on Thursday's conference call. He stated that is Iowa's goal and they're looking at what it will take to get there. College football has 100 days until kickoff and players, coaches, and fans are restless. Full stadiums are one of the plans, but so is 75% and 50% capacity.

Barta said Thursday that they are learning more every day. He stated that in the next 100 days they'll learn even more. The Gazette reports that Barta and his staff are planning on several different scenarios that could change day by day or week by week. But the bottom line is to have as many fans as possible inside Kinnick Stadium this fall.

Barta didn't reveal any hard details on what games might look like at Kinnick this fall. There is just too much left to nail down. Also, the CDC, state government, and Big Ten will also have a say when play resumes. The Gazette reports that Barta wants fans to take two big things away from the discussion. One, the UI is looking at numerous ways to mitigate contracting the virus, and two, he pledged complete transparency into what Iowa plans to do.

Barta says that once fans know the risks involved, the choice to attend a game in the future will be up to them.


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