Being a DJ at KHAK, I hear a lot of new music. And every now and then, a song will really make me sit up and take notice. That happened a few weeks back when I first heard "Drinkin' Problem," the new single from Midland.

I instantly went online to learn and hear more. I already knew I loved the sound of "Drinkin' Problem," but then I listened to "Burn Out" and was officially hooked.

This Texas trio is new on the country music scene and quickly rising. The group consists of Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy, and Jess Carson. Their sound reminds me of Brooks & Dunn in their prime. Sure, B&D was a duo, but the mix of honky tonk with upbeat rhythm sounds very similar. Add in some three-part harmony, and you have a band to keep your eyes on and your ears tuned in to.

The band members also all have interesting backgrounds. According to a recent Rolling Stone article, Wystrach was an actor and underwear model, Duddy was a music video director, and Carson was a vintage clothier.

The band is set to open for several dates on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul2Soul Tour and release their debut full-length album in September. Something tells me they'll gain fans quickly. They can certainly count me as one.

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