As you know the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has recommended that everyone wear face masks when out in public. It's for our own and safety and others during this pandemic and a way to slow the spread of Coronavirus. So now that you have your face mask with you, you probably have a few questions you need answered like how to wear it, how to sterilize it or even how to remove it safely, right? Well, let's try to answer those!

The CDC has provided some great information when it comes to frequently asked questions about face masks. According to the CDC, here is how to properly wear a face mask:

  • make sure it fits comfortably and snugly on your face
  • secure it with ties/ear loops
  • make sure it does not restrict breathing
  • include multiple layers of fabric

Now that you have the perfect face mask, should you launder it or sanitize it? The CDC recommends that face masks be washed regularly in a washing machine while being used. The CDC also recommends that when you are removing your mask you should avoid touching any parts of your face but rather just the mask itself and then wash your hands immediately after.

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