Crazy. That's the first word that comes to mind to describe what happened inside the UNI-Dome this morning. In the first game of the 8-player semifinals, Remsen St. Mary's outscored Montezuma with a score that looks like it belonged to an NBA game instead of a battle on the gridiron.

The final score is nothing short of unbelievable. (RSM) Remsen St. Mary's 108 and Montezuma 94. No, it didn't go into overtime but even if it did... I mean are you kidding me?! That's an average of more than four points per minute. Needless to say, it's the highest-scoring game in the history of high school football in Iowa. You've gotta believe this record is going to last for a while. Just check out these quarter scores.

After 1: Montezuma-28 RSM-21
Halftime: Montezuma-46 RSM-36
After 3: Montezuma-74 RSM: 74 (they combined for 66 points in the third quarter!)
Final: RSM-108 Montezuma-94

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According to the Iowa High School Athletic Association, the 202 combined points is the highest total in Iowa history. Play began in the state in 1860. It broke the 8-player record of 178 combined points set on October 25, 2019, between Baxter (90) and Meskwaki Settlement (88). The 11-player record is 180 points, set by Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson (99) and North Sioux City (81). That record was set on August 31, 2018.

Here's hoping ESPN Classic picks this one up because it is without a doubt an instant classic. You can see the amazing scoring breakdown HERE. RSM scored 72 points in a span of 12 minutes and 25 seconds in the second half. As I said at the top, crazy.

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