My father is 68 years old, which makes him currently among those eligible for the COVID vaccine. I strongly encouraged him to call his doctor to inquire, and he did. The problem is, quantities are still very limited.

KCRG reports that Hy-Vee and other Iowa pharmacies are partnering with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) hoping to alleviate that through a new federal partnership. The grocery chain is joining what's called the "Federal Retail Pharmacy Program", one of 21 national partners with the CDC in the program, and starting next week, they hope to start allocating their supply of vaccines through this program throughout Iowa and South Dakota.

The first allocations will be limited but will increase as time goes on. That's certainly good news, but for the foreseeable future at Hy-Vee and anywhere making the vaccine available, an appointment will be required with no "walk-ons" taken.

Hy-Vee's chairman, CEO, and President Randy Edeker said, in a story from KTIV-TV in Sioux City:

Through our preparation efforts, we have the ability to start vaccinating eligible populations less than 24 hours after receiving allocations. The issue to date has been demand far exceeding supply, and we believe this partnership helps strengthen our advocacy efforts to receive more of the vaccine

You can check Hy-Vee's "Vaccine Consent Guide" to see if you're eligible and to see if you can make an appointment.

Select Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS locations are said to be part of this program as well.

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