National Donut Day on Friday is a day for all donut lovers like me to celebrate. There will be plenty of donut shops with deals on their tasty pastries, but one donut place believes the day is also a great chance to give back.

Hurts Donuts in Coralville will be celebrating National Donut Day by donating 10% of their revenue from that day to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. That organization is dedicated to making sure that every child of a special operator who loses their life during duty, will receive a fully funded, free college education. The group also donates money to help relieve some of the financial strain after a member is injured and can no longer work. Last year, 32 special operations force members lost their lives leaving behind 66 children.

The money raised will go to help those kids receive their free college education. So while you're enjoying your amazing Hurts Donut this Friday, know that you're doing an amazing thing to help out those who have sacrificed so much.


[via Facebook]

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