Those customized, "Bill is smart. Be like Bill," memes have completely invaded Facebook, and if you're sick of seeing them, there is a very quick solution.

Sometimes I really hate Facebook, because it can take a funny thing and BEAT IT TO DEATH. You may have noticed a meme floating around that pictures a stick figure in a hat, with a caption that describes some annoying behavior, and then ends with, "(insert your name here) is smart. Be like (insert your name here)." Although the meme is customized by each person who posts it, there are only so many different captions, and I've seen ALL OF THEM. Literally, every single one. And they stopped being funny REAL QUICK.

If you shared this meme because you thought it was funny, then that's fine. You do you, boo boo! You have every right to post it. I'm actually happy it's taken the place of false/insulting political memes (temporarily, of course). But, if you can't wait for the trend to run it's course, there is a quick and easy solution to getting rid of Bob that DOESN'T involve deleting your friends or hiding all their posts. When you see the meme pop up in your feed, click the little downward-facing arrow in the top right corner, and select "Hide all from Blobla app." BOOM. Bill and his stupid hat are gone from your life forever.

You're welcome.

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