If you don't want to pay big bucks for Morels this year, The Urban Farming Guys may have found a way that you can grow them yourself!

Last year was my first spring in Iowa, and I got a big lesson in Morel Mushrooms. I had never heard of them and didn't understand why people were so shocked when I said that! Personally, I don't like mushrooms. Never have, never will. But, I know a lot of people go nuts for these Morels, spending time mushroom hunting in their secret spots or even paying big bucks for them, so I'm here to help.

The Urban Farming Guys is a non-profit organization that exists "to help establish sustainable and thriving communities in the most difficult places on earth." They post YouTube videos with tutorials on how to plant many things, including Morel Mushrooms. It is by no means a simple process, but if you love them enough, you might want to try it out! I don't know how well it works (I'm no mushroom expert), but here's the video that was posted in the spring of 2015:

How do you get your Morels? Do you grow them? Do you have a secret hunting spot? Or do you just buy them off someone who does? Let us know in the comments!

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