"Vacation".... hmmm does anyone remember what that is? If I remember correctly, it's usually a trip taken in the summer to decompress from work and stress and just enjoy life. As normal as this seems, in 2020 the question is do vacations even exist?

As the pandemic came down on us and quarantine set in, many people were forced to work from home or laid off so the idea of "vacation days" is pretty foreign to most people at this time. I mean what are you going to do with vacation days during quarantine? Sit at home and binge watch Netflix which is basically the only thing you were able to do in quarantine so it's not really a vacation.

So, how many Iowans are actually using their vacation days since COVID-19 started? According to a new study from the travel site Hotwire, 62% of Iowans have not taken a vacation day since the start of COVID-19 and those that have, 12% are only taking one vacation day. This is a friendly reminder to use those vacation days because everyone needs a mental health day and so you don't get burned out!

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