Drive-in theaters are a treasure of the past.

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While we're going through a typical (snowy) Iowa spring, we can't help but think ahead to the simple joy that we get from summer drive-in theaters.

During the height of the pandemic, we saw an increased interest in drive-in movie theaters. You could safely enjoy a movie, get out of the house, and escape from the scariness of the world for a few hours in your own car.

And remember when gas was lower than it had been in decades since people were barely using their cars? Those drive-ins also gave us good excuses to get back into our motor vehicles again.

Back home in Pennsylvania during the pandemic, I was able to spend some quality time with my family at the local drive-in. Those trips during the spring, summer, and fall of that year are memories that I'll actually treasure forever.

When I first started doing my research about this, I assumed that Iowa would be home to a plethora of drive-in theaters. The Hawkeye State seems like the ideal place to have a whole bunch of these vintage theaters.

It looks like that is not the case...

Digital Film Technology Threatens Drive-In Theaters With Closure
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According to the Drive In Movie website, Iowa used to have approximately 70 drive-in theaters in the state back in the '50s. Now, there are only 4 in all of Iowa.

Here are a list of all of the remaining drive-in movie theaters in the Hawkeye State that are still in operation:

  • Blue Grass Drive-In Theater

    774 W Mayne Street Blue Grass

  • 61 Drive-In

    1228 U.S Hwy 61 Delmar

  • Valle Drive-In Theater

    4074 Highway F48 Newton

  • Superior 71 Drive-In Theater

    1482 300th Ave Spirit Lake

Did we miss any? Make sure to comment or message us about any drive-ins we might have missed.

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