Iowa drivers are definitely distracted by their phones, but not as much as drivers in other states!

Time recently published an article outlining the states that are the most and least distracted by their phones, with Iowa ranking somewhere right around the middle. This is according to data from the driving safety app Everdrive, which says that Iowans use their phone during 36% of their trips on the road. That number is definitely too high, but not as high as other states.

According to this particular study, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama are the worst states for distracted driving. On the other hand, Vermont, Oregon, and Hawaii are the states that have the least amount of distracted driving. That may have something to do with the fact that handheld devices behind the wheel have been banned in those states.

No matter what state you're in, distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and has claimed the lives of many people. To read more from the study, click HERE.

[Via Time]

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