Bever Park is a hugely popular recreation spot for residents of Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. Whether you swim at the pool or take a trip to Old McDonald's farm chances are you've gone across the Bever Park stone bridge. The bridge is part of the original planning of the park dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. Time takes a toll and as you can imagine, the bridge is not in great shape.

It hasn't had vehicles go over it for 45 years but the bridge has seen better days. The city had to close the bridge due to safety concerns. There was even talk of taking it down. Cedar Rapids city manager Jeff Pomerantz released a statement yesterday saying that based on community feedback, the bridge will stay.

City staff along with an engineering company surveyed the bridge to get an idea of repair costs. There is no word on when repairs could happen.

It may seem like something simple and trivial. But the bridge is a piece of history. It is part of the story of Cedar Rapids. I'm glad it gets to stay.


[via CBS2]

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