The City of Hiawatha is getting closer to its own dog park! Last week, the Linn County Board of Supervisors approved the lease of almost three-quarters of an acre of county-owned land. That paves, or should we say grasses, the way for a new place for canines and their owners to get some exercise.

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

The dog park would be located south of Boyson Road and just to the east of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail in Hiawatha. According to Linn County, it would be a little less than two acres, when complete. There will also be parking. The graphic, at bottom, shows the .72 acres just agreed to. The 1.48 acres (the lowest shaded area on the aerial map below) is owned by Linn County Conservation. It's described as a "high-quality urban forest that currently is not part of the planned park area.

The City of Hiawatha and Dave Wright formed the original partnership for the dog park. It's estimated it will cost around $100,000 to complete, with the annual maintenance under $2,000. Linn County Conservation will work on the design of the park that will include existing trees and grassy areas. No target date has been identified for the dog park's completion.

Hiawatha Parks and Recreation Director Kelly Willadsen tells me the fees for using the park haven't been determined yet. It will be open to any area residents, not just those from Hiawatha. For those of us who live a long way away from other area dog parks, that's more great news!

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