We all know that playing the game of football can be dangerous. But guess what. Be a mascot can be too. First of all, you've got serious visibility issues going on with that huge head. Secondly, it's got to be hot in that thing, especially early in the season when the weather is warm! You're simply never safe when you're a mascot like Herky the Hawk.

Fans want to constantly say hi. They want pictures. Kids want a high five. It has to be exhausting. And then, of course, we get to the category of on-field dangers. I suppose this has to do a bit with your limited view from inside the costume. You have to stay engaged with the fans. You can't be watching every play. At Penn State this past Saturday, Herky learned that an errant Nate Stanley pass can do some serious damage.

Ouch. At least the throw bounced first. Herky couldn't even get a hawk hand up to defend himself! It just goes to show you that the sidelines can be a dangerous place. Just another day in the life of a college football mascot.

GO Herky, and GO HAWKS!


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