You sent in your nominations and the results are in! The Iowa Beef Industry Council has announced the top 10 burgers in Iowa's Best Burger Contest for 2019, and a couple of them are in our neck of the woods!

Anyone could nominate their favorite burger online, by text, or mail between the dates of February 11th and March 11th, but they had to meet two basic requirements. The official website says:

  1. To qualify as a hamburger, the burger must be 100% beef although other ingredients may be added to the patty
  2. All burgers must be composed of a formed ground beef patty/patties served on a bun or other bread product. Burgers may include any combination of condiments, sauces, cheeses, and toppings. Every component of the burger must be placed between the bun or bread pieces or served open-faced on a bread product

The top 10 restaurants with the most nominations have been selected, and they will be judged by an anonymous panel in the coming months. The categories they will be judged on include:

  • Taste (of the beef patty)
  • Appearance and Presentation
  • Proper Cooking Temperature/Degree of Doneness
  • Medium Doneness (internal temperature reaches 160° F)
  • Overall

Without further ado, here are this year's top 10 restaurants, accompanied by photos of their burgers (not necessarily the exact menu items that were nominated):

The 2018 winner was Café Beaudelaire in Ames.

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