While the holiday of Thanksgiving may officially be over, the holiday season is still a great time to say thank you to others. A simple gesture of thanks is gaining momentum in Marion to say thank you to police and fire officials who keep the city safe.

I discovered the event on Facebook over the weekend. It's simply called 'Marion Heroes'. Its mission is a simple one. Help thank the local police and fire departments by collecting enough donations to provide a nice meal for them this holiday season. Often times, police and fire officers work long hours that keep them away from their family and friends. Sometimes that means missing a family holiday meal. You can help provide a nice meal for them this holiday season by making a monetary donation at the Marion Hy-Vee Customer Service counter. Just tell them that you want the funds to go to the Marion Heroes.

Living in Marion for nearly 20 years now, I have come to know many of the men and women who serve on the police and fire departments. They are citizens and parents just like the rest of us. They just also happen to have the job of keeping the rest of us safe. Help say thank you and make a donation to Marion Heroes now through December 15th.

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