We first met Leilani at the 2015 Radiothon for the Children's Miracle Network. She and her family had been in the hospital for months waiting for word of a new heart. Being on a transplant wait list is excruciating. Knowing what has to happen for that donation to happen isn't easy to deal with either. At the time, Leilani was attached to a machine that basically ran on a car battery. It allowed her to come down from her room and visit us for 10 minutes. When the alarm went off, she had to get back to plug in the machine. 'Had to' would be an understatement.

Leilani remained in the hospital after that radiothon ended. But eventually, they got the call. Leilani would get a new heart. It was a miracle. She would receive the new organ and after another long hospital stay would even recover enough to head home with her family. It was one of the most beautiful radiothon stories I've ever been involved with. But as with many of our friends and families we meet in Iowa City, things can often go bad in a heartbeat.

Leilani has been in and out of the hospital much of this year with a number of health issues. Several weeks ago, her family decided that it was best if Leilani returned home and live out her healthy remaining days with her family. My heart broke hearing the news. I struggled not knowing what to say or how to offer any help. Several days ago, Leilani and her family learned that they had been selected by Make A Wish to receive a Walt Disney vacation for the entire family! As you know, Make A Wish will cover ALL the expenses for the family on their amazing trip. But the family is hoping to take someone down to help take care of the five children. Imagine trying to do Disney with FIVE kids?

A Go Fund Me page has been established to help with medical and final expenses for Leilani and her family. They plan on using the funds to help pay for that helper to travel with them to Disney and make the trip go smoother for everyone, especially Leilani. Any remaining funds will be used for other medical expenses.

Every year KHAK listeners amaze us with their generosity during our CMN radiothon. We are asking now for your help in making one final dream for Leilani come true. Please give whatever you can, and share their page. There is nothing more in this world that I want right now than giving Leilani everything she deserves. She and her family have gone through so much. Open up your hearts and give.

Click HERE to donate to Leilani's page.

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