It's October 1st, and health officials say we're only weeks away from seeing the first cases of influenza pop up. The best way to protect yourself from getting the flu is by getting a flu shot.

Kate Klefstad with the Johnson County Department of Health says that the best time to get your flu shot is about the time you start seeing advertisements for them, which is now. She said that some people wait to get their shot until later in the season, but she notes that early is better. Once you get your flu shot, it takes around 2 weeks for your body to develop the immunity. Officials say it's better to get it early before the flu starts spreading.

Klefstad said that while some people choose not to get the flu shot, data shows that getting one is the best way to protect yourself from the flu. Does it guarantee you won't get it? Clearly not. But nearly 80% of people who end up dying or being hospitalized did not get a flu shot.


[via KCRG]

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