Hawkeye Downs
Hawkeye Downs

Update Thursday evening: Hawkeye Downs says the truck has been recovered.

[ORIGINAL STORY] Hawkeye Downs Speedway is asking for the public's help locating a stolen vehicle. Yes, somebody stole the Hawkeye Downs pace truck. Really?! Yeah, that'll blend right into traffic.

According to Hawkeye Downs, their building was broken into early this morning and three vehicles were taken. The other two have since been recovered, but the pace truck above is still missing.

Hawkeye Downs tells me the theft occurred just before 5:30 am this morning. They have video that shows two people broke into the bingo hall. The two then broke the door to gain access into the Auction Arena building. Two golf carts were taken but those were found nearby. The thieves then returned for the truck.

Anyone who sees the truck or has any information about this morning's theft should contact the Cedar Rapids Police Department at (319) 286-5491. Let's get it recovered quickly. That truck has work to do at Hawkeye Downs tomorrow night.

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