Over the weekend, a picture surfaced that seemed to show that a mountain lion had returned to the suburban Des Moines area. Earlier this month, a mountain lion roamed around a backyard and was caught on video. So was this the same animal back for more? Officials with the DNR say probably not.

The possible lion was reported on the cities south side on Sunday. The photo of the animal is blurry but does look like the general shape of a mountain lion. DNR officials say the quality of the photo makes it a difficult call, but they do NOT believe the animal in the photo is a mountain lion.

A DNR official says that the coloring is off. The photo shows an animal that has a more orangish color instead of the normal tan color of mountain lions. The pictured animal is also missing the usual dark markings around the eyes of a lion. Since the confirmed sighting on May 9th, the DNR has been flooded with reports of other possible sightings. But officials say that its return is 'unlikely'.

If residents do think they have spotted a mountain lion, send in your photos and videos to the DNR for observation. Just make sure and get them from a safe distance.


[via KCCI]

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