In a move aimed at prioritizing student well-being, Hoover High School is set to implement a policy for 2024-25.  They are taking a proactive approach to mental health with new rules that will take effect this coming school year.

Taking a stand for mental health

The school administration has announced a ban on smartphones and earbuds within school premises.  The initiative seeks to curtail distractions and foster a more focused, and engaged learning environment while addressing concerns surrounding excessive screen time and its impact on student mental health.

Is there too much screen time?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Children's heavy reliance on screen media has raised serious public health issues since it might harm their cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional growth. Screen media has a wide range of cognitive consequences.  Too much time spent in front of a screen and multitasking with other media has been related to worse executive functioning and academic performance.

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Additionally, excessive screen usage has detrimental effects on social and emotional growth, including a rise in the likelihood of obesity, sleep disorders, and mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. It can obstruct the ability to interpret emotions, fuel aggressive conduct, and harm one's psychological health in general.

Is all screen time bad?

Thanks again to NIH, they say several studies show a positive correlation between children's screen time when co-viewed with a parent and their expressive lexical, phonological, and overall language abilities. Studies have indicated that compared to children who view screens for ≤1 hour per day, those who engage in two or more hours per day, or three or more hours per day, are more likely to experience behavioral problems and have poorer vocabulary acquisition. These findings suggest the importance of monitoring and regulating screen time for young children to mitigate potential adverse effects on their development and behavior

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