I love made-up national holidays, especially when they revolve around food. Today we are celebrating one of my favorite things... chicken wings!

Here's a little bit of chicken wing history for you:

July 29th was named National Chicken Wing Day back in 1977 by Buffalo Mayor Stan Makowski.

Legend is, the first chicken wing was actually created at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo in 1964, when the owner wanted to create a quick late-night snack for her son and his friends. She deep-fried the wings and coated them in butter and hot sauce. Another Buffalo restaurant had been serving chicken wings, too, but theirs were breaded and covered in tomato-based sauce. Needless to say, the Anchor Bar wings caught on really quickly.

There are now HUNDREDS of flavors of chicken wings. I absolutely LOVE Parmesan-garlic and honey barbecue. You can never go wrong with the traditional buffalo wing, though! I actually got to try a Buffalo wing in the Anchor Bar original sauce, and I think about it like, everyday. This is a holiday I will definitely be celebrating.

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