So you thought Cedar Rapids Beer Summit was all just about the beer, right? While yes, three hours of unlimited sampling is a pretty great deal, combined with live music from Bootjack, and the chance to win a new living room set from Bills Brothers, you'll also have the chance to show off to all your friends in a crazy game called "Hammerschalgen."

What is Hammerschlagen?  Only one of the wildest, most addicting games of skill, ever. In fact, we're worried the lines around the Hammerschlagen table might be longer than some of the beer lines. Here's how it works: a bunch of nails are gently placed all around a tree stump. You come along and try to pound one all the way down with a special hammer before the rest of your group. Easy enough, right?

Well, maybe not so easy. But it looks crazy fun. And you'll be able to try your hand at it, while sampling over 100 different craft beers at Corridor On Tap. We hope to see you there. Now grab a hammer, some nails, and a log, and get practicing.

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