Many restaurants have begun to open back up here in Eastern Iowa, but at least one will remain closed for good. The owners of Gumption. in Cedar Rapids have revealed that the restaurant is permanently closing.

Gumption., located at 560 Boyson Road, opened up back in the spring of 2017. They describe themselves on Facebook as a, "Hip farm to fork restaurant in Cedar Rapids serving breakfast and lunch," offering "simple dishes with unique & delicious twists." I've visited the restaurant several times over the past three years, ordering items like the breakfast mac & cheese, the BLT, and the sliders.

Steven and Makenzie Schultz made the big announcement on the official Facebook account on Sunday morning, writing:

"We have made the difficult decision to not re-open our doors. We have thoroughly enjoyed the past 3 years that we've been able to serve the community. Being a small mom & pop restaurant is very tough but the feedback we received was always worth it. We appreciate so many of you who supported us because it continued to make all the difference for our success."

They went on to thank all of their local vendors, their parents, their staff, and their loyal customers. The couple also notes that the decision to close was what was best for them from a "financial standpoint." They finished the letter by urging the community to continue supporting small businesses whenever possible. You can read the entire statement HERE.

Based on the comments, many people here in Eastern Iowa will miss Gumption., including me! We wish the owners the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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