Looking to host a Thanksgiving dinner on a budget? We've got just the deal for you.

This year has been rough for everyone. The coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to close or cut staff, and people to lose their jobs. Since things have been financially tough on some families, and the holidays are coming up, one grocery store is providing some relief.

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According to Mashed, a press release announced that Aldi is making Thanksgiving dinner more manageable with shopping list items for your dinner that will total under $30. Thanksgiving dinner for $30....that's a steal!

You won't be missing out on anything either as the shopping list they put together includes a "Butterball turkey, bagged stuffing, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian sweet rolls, frozen peas, frozen cranberries, carrots, celery, canned pumpkin pie mix, a pie crust, whipping cream, and a gallon of whole milk."

As a thank you to employees, Aldi will be also gifting each worker two $30 gift cards. The idea is that they can use one to purchase Thanksgiving dinner for their families and the other for personal use. A nice gesture to make sure everyone can get a Thanksgiving meal this year. President and CEO of Aldi U.S., Jason Hart said:

It's our honor to offer each of our employees a Thanksgiving meal on us. And with so many people in our communities facing difficult times, we felt it was important to give our employees a way to pay it forward to someone in their life who could use it."

If you or someone you know is facing financial hardship, or is just looking to get Thanksgiving dinner for cheap this year, this is the place to shop. There are three Aldi locations in the Cedar Rapids area.

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See how Aldi's price compares to other stores in the Mashed article here.

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