Dynnell Shirer has two words and one good reason why she would like you to be keenly aware of tonight's (Friday's) potentially dangerous thunderstorm forecast: TIRES PLUS and DERECHO.

Dynnell started her day Monday like any other day. But when Derecho hit around 12:30 pm, the building she was in took a direct hit, collapsing the walls and ceilings and trapping them.

Surreal to realize that you're surrounded by rubble, which was just moments ago a Tires Plus store. And you thank your lucky stars that it wasn't worse.

Across from Tires Plus is Granite City Restaurant at Collins Rd and First Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids. When employees saw the damage that Tires Plus sustained, they raced over to help remove debris and blockage, to help free Dynnell and 6 others to safety.

I found out about her story from our Facebook friend Josh Blizzards who shared Dynnell's original post on the Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page:

I want to take this moment to say thank you to all the people at granite city across from where tires plus use to stand for helping me, my boyfriend, his 5 year old daughter, three other employees and a customer get out of the bathrooms where we were stuck in for 45 minutes to an hour because of the collapsed building all around us left us trapped. And also getting us dry shirts and towels to drive off and some water i am forever grateful.

- Dynnell Shirer

This is a story of everyday heroic action, the kind that feels great, especially when both the heroes and those they saved are OK.
Wrap your arms around your community this weekend in any way you can. Pitch in and help out. No matter how small a gesture, do it - and you'll feel the same way those Granite City workers feel today.
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