During her daily press conference, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was asked about what the threshold would be for deploying the Iowa National Guard within cities in the state. The IC Press-Citizen reports that Reynolds says she is in constant contact with Iowa National Guard Adjutant General Benjamin J. Correll and the Iowa Public Safety Commissioner about civil unrest.

In responding to questions, Governor Reynolds stated,

The National Guard is a resource that I can call up if needed. And at this point, we have not needed it. But they are ready at a moments notice to be deployed, and it would be to support what is already taking place.

Across the nation, and across the state of Iowa, marches and protests against police violence against African-American citizens continue. There have been riots and looting. Tear gassing of protestors and marchers shot with rubber bullets by police. Here in Iowa, the Press-Citizen reports that leaders have called most marches and protests peaceful. Only a handful have cause havoc and damage.

Iowa National Guard spokesman Col. Michael Wunn told the Press-Citizen that there is a specially trained unit for handling civil unrest and disobedience. Like every state's national guard, their deployment would be at the discretion of the governor. Wunn confirms that the guard's services have not yet been asked for.

The Press-Citizen reports that if the National Guard were called in to support local police and law enforcement, guard members would be subordinate to law enforcement and act to support them.


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