One of the things that we missed most about 2020 has to be all the great fairs that the state of Iowa has to offer. Due to the pandemic there was no Great Jones County Fair. No Iowa State Fair. No amazing live concerts. No rides. No fair food! Hopefully these events can resume in 2021, but how do these fairs recover from the financial losses of this year?

CBS2 reports that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds had announced a financial relief program called Iowa County Fairs Relief Program. It is funded with $6 million in federal CARES act funds. The governor says that the program is an extension of the Small Business Relief Grant Program that is offered through the Iowa Economic Development Authority in conjunction with the Association of Iowa Fairs.

Governor Reynolds said in a statement,

Every single year, Iowans who attend their local county fair get to see, taste, and experience the positive impact Iowa agriculture has on our communities. The economic and social impact is immeasurable, and it's critical they have our support.

There will be three funding levels for those who qualify, $25,000, $50,000, and $75,000. CBS2 reports that the funds are meant to give fair organizers across the state some short term funding so they can either resume or continue operations. Hopefully, all our great local fairs can stay afloat and we can all gather and celebrate again in 2021!

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