According to AAA, this summer's gas prices could be the cheapest since the summer of 2009!

I was checking the Timehop app on my phone this morning, and I came across something that I had done a great job of forgetting. Two years ago today I posted on Facebook that I had payed $4.19 a gallon for gas. OUCH. Remember when gas prices were totally insane!? The good news is that there's really no chance of that happening this year! Although gas prices have risen an average of .71 since January, it looks like that trend has come to an end. Gas is averaging $2.75 a gallon nationwide, which is .90 cheaper than it was at this time last year.

AAA released a statement that said, “There is a good chance that average U.S. gas prices will drop soon due to stabilizing crude oil costs and as refineries complete seasonal maintenance, which would result in the cheapest summertime gas prices since 2009." We may have already seen the highest price of the year! This goes along with the statement from OPEC last week that stated gas prices should stay low until at least 2017.

Keep those summer road trip plans! It's looking like a good year for vacations!

Via Time