The #11 seed UNI Panthers had a 12 point lead on #3 seed Texas A&M with only 44 seconds left in regulation. Panther fans were already celebrating an unlikely birth in the Sweet 16. But then March came back and bit UNI. That's what makes the NCAA Tournament the spectacle that it is. A Sweet 16 birth...gone in 44 seconds.

Many fans will remind you that the game did go into not one, but TWO overtime periods. Yes, the Panthers still had chances to win that ballgame. UNI played great, especially in the first overtime period. They eventually lost point guard Wes Washpun to fouls. They lost March hero Paul Jesperson to fouls in the second overtime. But the Panthers fought on. Much of it thanks to a career night from Jeremy Morgan. His 36 points and 12 rebounds will go down in UNI history as a game for the ages. If it weren't for that 44 seconds.

Panther coach Ben Jacobson said all the right things after the game. He felt bad for his seniors. He praised Texas A&M for a great game. His poise in a tough situation is part of what make him such a great coach. His team's ability to make runs in March is another. Yes, UNI fans have much to be proud of. Just don't turn on the TV in the near future. It's 44 painful seconds that you haven't seen the last of.

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