A Georgia-based company that ships their products to Iowa has announced a recall because of possible Listeria contamination.

Golden Gourmet has officially recalled about 5,248 pounds of food, including their 7.1 oz trays containing "Waffles, Turkey Sausage Patty with Sliced Apple Seasoned w/Brown Sugar and Cinnamon." The recall occurred after US Foods issued a recall, with the company using some of the products from US Foods. Below are the specific lot codes and 'Use By' dates for the recalled products:

    • 2016355
    • 2016363
    • 2016364
    • 2016362
  • 'Use By' Dates
    • 06/21/18
    • 06/28/18
    • 06/29/18
    • 06/30/18

Luckily, nobody has reported getting sick from any of these products, but you should still return or throw away the items, just in case. Listeria can cause symptoms like gastrointestinal issues, muscle and head aches, convulsions, loss of balance, and fever. You can read more about Listeria HERE.

For more details on the recall, see KCRG's article HERE.

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